Welcome !
If you are looking for the symptom checker, return to kiddoc.com and press the menu option, you do not need to login to our portal

 We are on call for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. This portal is a way for you to contact our office in a direct, 2 way manner that is secure and private. We can answer any questions you have about our new portal and although we may have a bit of a  learning curve as you will with this tool, we are excited to have it available.

Please do not use this to communicate with any urgent or emergency questions, as we monitor this tool, but are most oriented toward immediate issues using the phone. We will try to respond to any question within 2 business days of it's posting, if we don't, please call us to let us know and we can make sure our work flow processes are as good as we know you expect.

We always strive for not only patient satisfaction, but commit to patient loyalty and we hope you see this new tool as an expression of how loyal we are to making sure our patients have access to the great care we strive to provide.

Pediatric Medical Associates.

Pediatric Medical Associates